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Glossary: Defining Religion


an evangelist is one who proclaims the gospel, the good news of forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation through faith in Jesus. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are called evangelists because they penned the four Gospels. Every Christian is an evangelist when he tells others about their Savior.


the declaration by the church that a person has placed himself outside the kingdom of God by his stubborn impenitence (Matthew 18:15-18). Excommunication is an act of love intended to call a sinner to repentance.


the act of explaining or interpreting. Biblical exegesis involves the study of a section of Scripture by examining the vocabulary and grammar of the section in the original language and taking note of the immediate context of the passage, the general context and purpose of the particular book of the Bible in which the passage occurs, and the historical setting. By means of such study the exegete explains the meaning of the passage.